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Webroot is the next-gen cybersecurity and threat intelligence that stops threats to attack your system and data. It offers the ultimate protection that will work best for the security of your device to let you enjoy the tension-free computing experience. To access the Webroot security and to manage your purchase, you must have a Webroot account. Webroot Login will enhance your experience. For this, follow the process mentioned below. 

webroot login

Procedure to Create a Webroot Account 

  1. Start the Webroot account creation procedure by opening a web browser on your computing system.  
  2. Then, visit the official website of Webroot antivirus. For reaching the official website, you have to enter “webroot.com” in the address bar of your browser. 
  3. Now, once you reach the homepage of Webroot, you have to look at the upper-right corner. You will find the “My Account” option there. Click this option to proceed further. 
  4. This will redirect you to the Webroot login window. In this window, you have to select the “Create Account” tab. This is located beside the Webroot Login tab. 
  5. In the next window, you have to provide the required information that Webroot asks for the creation of your account. Start by providing the Webroot Product Keycode in the first field. This keycode will be sent to you by Webroot just after the completion of the purchase procedure. To find the keycode, you have to look in confirmation mail on your registered email address if you purchase the subscription from the online store. On the other hand, you will get the keycode at the back of the retail card if you have purchased the subscription from the third-party.
  6. After that, enter the email address that you want to link with your account. Along with this, you have to provide the same email address again for the confirmation.
  7. In the next field, Webroot asks you to create a password for the security of your account. While creating the password, you must ensure that you fulfill all the given specifications. 
    • Create at least 9 characters long password in which 6 should be the alphabetic characters and 3 should be the numeric characters.
    • Add Special characters also. However, don’t use >< characters. 
  8. Further, you have to provide the password again for confirmation. Make sure you provide the exact same password as you have created above. 
  9. Thereafter, enter a Personal Security Code for the extra layer of security. Make sure you enter at least 6 characters long security code. This code can be either a word or a number. 
  10. The next step is to select a Security Question for the safety of your Webroot account. You will be asked to provide this question for verifying your identity at the time of retrieving your account. Carefully make the selection of the question and then provide its answer in the next field. 
  11. Once you are done with providing all the profile details, you have to press the “Register Now” tab to conclude the account creation. 
  12. The next step after account creation is to verify your account. For verification, you have to move to the email account that is linked with Webroot. Then, open the mail and click the verification link that is provided there.

Procedure for Webroot Login 

  1. For Webroot login, you first have to open a web browser on your device. 
  2. After that, move to the official website of Webroot by typing the “webroot.com” URL. You have to type the URL in the address bar of your browser and then hit the Enter key from the keyboard.  
  3. In the next window, you have to select the “My Account” link. This link is provided on the upper panel of the screen. 
  4. By doing so, you will be taken to the Webroot login window. 
  5. In this window, you have to enter the login credentials of your Webroot account. First, you have to enter the email address that is associated with Webroot. In case, you have registered your account from a mobile device, then you have to provide the phone number in this field.
  6. Then, provide the password that you have created for your Webroot account at the time of account creation.
  7. Once you are done with providing the login credentials in their respective fields, the next step is to go through the “Privacy Statement”, “Webroot terms of service”, and “License Agreement” documents. For accessing the documents, click their provided links and then read the whole document to know the terms and conditions you are going to bind with.
  8. Finally, select the “Login” tab to conclude the Webroot Login process. Now, you will be redirected to your Webroot account.